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Student Programming

College Preparatory Program

We expect 100% of our students to participate in the College Preparatory Program, which will prepare students for the college application process and college entrance exams. We will conduct college visits and offer workshops for parents to support them in the college application process. Our educational program will stress the skills needed to succeed in college, which includes critical thinking and analysis, problem solving, and writing for different audiences and purposes. In addition, in the eleventh and twelfth grades, students will have opportunities to explore careers in order to aid them in the college selection process.


Our goal is to prepare our students for college. In order to achieve this goal, we will emphasize critical analysis and evaluation, synthesis of information, and the ability to read and write different styles for different purposes. To help our students gain proficiency in these areas, we will use service learning and problem based learning to give them opportunities to reinforce and extend their learning within the context of real world situations. These skills will prepare our students for the Regents and college entrance exams.

Problem-based learning is a natural outgrowth of service learning. In designing curriculum that incorporates this approach, teachers will select and structure problems so that they address both the important content objectives of the curriculum and real-world issues. In solving the problems presented, students will develop creative thinking, make connections across the disciplines, and use questioning as a clarifying tool. Teachers will facilitate this learning by challenging, questioning, and stimulating students in their thinking and problem solving process. Technology is an integral component of this process, used for communication, informational access, research, data analysis, and publishing. By the time they graduate, students will be prepared to succeed in college.