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What is Civic Leadership Academy?

What is the Civic Leadership Academy?

We are a new small high school that is opened in the Fall 2008. At the Civic Leadership Academy, we believe that students become active and enthusiastic learners when they feel that what they learn is relevant and useful. Thus, the focus of the school is youth development through service learning, a teaching method that enriches learning by engaging students in meaningful service to their school and communities. Our students will apply academic skills to solving real-world issues, linking what they learn in the classrooms with genuine community needs.

The Civic Leadership Academy will offer a college preparatory curriculum that is aligned with New York State standards and assessments and will prepare our students with the necessary skills and knowledge to be successful in college. Some skills that we will focus on are: critical thinking, research, informational literacy, technology, time management, organization, team work, and building academic stamina.

We are committed to providing our students with a high-quality, relevant, and well-rounded education. By the time they graduate, our students will be prepared, responsible, and caring assets to their communities.
What is civic leadership?

At the Civic Leadership Academy, our students will understand that civic leadership means responsible citizenship; it means being a leader who proactively seeks knowledge of community issues in order to contribute to their solutions. Students will develop the skills they need to make informed decisions that strengthen their connection and commitment to their community. They will participate in the public life of a community in an informed, committed, and constructive manner, and understand that civic leadership is education in action for the common good.
What are our core values?

The Civic Leadership Academy is committed to meeting the diverse learning needs of its students and helping them excel in all academic areas. We are guided by three core values – commitment to learning, commitment to community and empowerment. These principles promote the social, emotional and academic development of our students by helping them become independent, critical thinkers who are assets to their communities. Our three core values form the foundation of our school and guide the decisions we make.
  • We help our students develop the necessary academic skills and knowledge to prepare them for life-long learning and achievement. They will develop confidence in their abilities to achieve at high levels, both academically and socially, and internalize the belief that success results from hard work and preparation, and that setbacks lead to deeper learning.
  • We communicate our love for learning by continually pursuing and developing our knowledge in order to ensure quality instruction.
  • We cultivate opportunities for our students to engage with the community as informed and active citizens with strong social consciences as they perform service to meet the needs of the community. Through this work, students will discover their own place in the world, their ability to act upon it, and their capacity to make a difference.
  • We believe that family and community involvement are essential to a successful school and are dedicated to becoming a center for the community to share ideas and work together to achieve common goals.
  • We support and challenge our students to have high expectations and aspirations for themselves, and encourage them to assume leadership roles as they work to address the needs of the school and community.
  • We support, trust and empower the members of our school community by inviting them to join in responsible decision-making, risk-taking, planning, and being accountable for outcomes.